Oi Missus! Where’s Your Bell?

This week marked an especially nasty turn in the narrative for people who question or dissent from the approved line that apparently now EVERYONE is

Zombie Doctors

Today was my eighth Saturday handing out cakes and smiles, and the first time to date that I was rained on, which is pretty good

The Emperor’s New Mask

It’s been almost a full month since I put a mask on my face (see previous blog White Feather). While in my hometown most people

The Mood Is Changing

Today was the fourth Cake and Liberty Saturday, and the first where it was just me. There is something to be said for the solo

White Feather

I’m writing this as a veteran of three Cake & Liberty Saturdays, and in the intervening weeks some of my views have evolved. If anything,

Above the Parapet

In the run up to the 2nd Cake and Liberty Saturday, I’d been posting a bit on Twitter, replying to like minds and trying to

Tough Questions

I’ve been thinking about key messages, and how I’ll answer any difficult questions I might be asked (if anyone does!) and I believe what I

Make Your Own Pillowcase Banner

At the outset I had very grand plans. “Let us go then, and make banners as required, and let them all be beautiful” said the

The Tipping Point

How do you live with the knowledge that while you’re baking banana bread and clocking up your 10,000 daily steps on the beach, somewhere not