Talk Radio

Yesterday I was interviewed by the phenomenal Mr Mark Dolan on his show at Talk RADIO. Well, I say interviewed but the poor man could hardly get a word in edgeways. I can picture the producer making frantic ‘CUT! CUT!’ hand signals when at the 18 minute mark, I started forth enthusiastically about how we should all start breaking the law NOW, how it was our moral duty not to comply with these cruel and absurd restrictions. I forgot that under the current emergency legislation the sanctions on broadcasters who permit any counter-government messaging can be severe, up to and including imprisonment. I can see I’ll have to bring them some cake in jail.

They put out a snippet of the interview and it gained quite a lot of traction on Twitter (I mean I think it’s a lot, it was certainly vastly more than anything I’ve done to date), and that has meant lots more visitors to this site, loads of encouraging and moving emails that I’m replying to as we speak – I am blown away – and lots more people joining the Cake and Liberty private FB group and following me on Twitter.


I would not have imagined all this when I started handing out cakes in my hometown, 12 Saturdays ago. I don’t know what happens next, but I am happy to go where it leads me, and if the sum total of my efforts is making a handful of people feel less alone, and making some of my fellow humans happy via cake, I count it well worth the effort.

Night everyone, tomorrow’s Friday and that’s baking day.